strong content warning for themes of suicide and drug use.


2nd Mar 2017, 12:00 PM
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Guest 2nd Mar 2017, 2:03 PM
heavy. heavy stuff. a good kind of heavy, just a lot to take in. lola saying "some people need to hurt" seems really significant, accepting pain as a running theme for them (as opposed to sugars pain avoidance, both causing and being in pain)

also loving lola's vague "walk away/just take the plunge" dialogue that could apply to both investing emotionally in them and the grand canyon suicide... it says a lot about how they view themself
fuzzpuff 3rd Mar 2017, 8:53 AM
This is a fantastic comic. I'm about to reread it.
fuzzpuff 3rd Mar 2017, 8:53 AM
This is a fantastic comic. I'm about to reread it.
One-Dollar Patron 4th Mar 2017, 3:45 PM
A darker website background would make so many of the pages easier to read. The lovely, dark star-lit sky effect is somewhat lost when it's surrounded by a blinding white web page.

Just my two cents, I think this comic deserves the best possible presentation.
Nobody 4th Mar 2017, 4:06 PM
you can find the comic on furaffinity, where there is a darker theme. :)
Guest 6th Mar 2017, 7:33 AM
I kinda agree with the 1 dollar patron guy; I uh. Did the right click > Inspect Element thing and changed the hex values in the CSS that corresponded with the box backgrounds/text to be inverted of what they currently are right now just to see what it'd do, and it made such an incredible difference in terms of legibility on these darker pages.

Like yeah we can go read it on FA but 1. there's no link to your FA page here and 2. FA's kind of a porn site/unreliable/skeevy in general/etc. etc. etc.. and I don't really think it's a good idea to encourage people to go there.

Also not everybody uses the dark theme on FA.

I actually avoid reading the comic on FA myself because I always want to see it in what I determine to be it's "proper" context here on its own website. I use your page uploads there as a signal to go running here, haha.

Maybe don't change it to be a straight black because while that did make it easier to read, it didn't look very good, but maybe consider changing the white to a darker color?

Sorry if this is bothersome; I've felt this way for a while but was afraid to say something.
Nobody 6th Mar 2017, 4:44 PM
on one of the previous night scenes, i've answered a similar sentiment, and said that the site i'm hosting this comic on is laughably restrictive in terms of what i can do with the html and css without re-coding it from the bottom up.
i plan on laying out a site where the background changes according to the time of day in a given page once i move over to a server of my own, after drop-out is done, when my workload is less intensive.

good coding costs a LOT of time, hosting costs money, and changing the entire website to a dark theme instead would 1) cost me time solely in terms of redrawing all of the flavor images and 2) give the whole comic an excessively dreary feeling.
trust me, i am a visual artist and i was already aware of what's being said. i took the theme of the comic into a lotta consideration when i set this comic up.
graphic design studies have shown that the majority of people prefer reading black text on a light page design over white text on a dark one because of the tone a dark page sets.
meanwhile, studies also show that having a mid-tone color is especially intrusive for presenting art on a web page, so grey wouldn't work as a middle ground, either.

the theme i picked was the most feasible/economical for someone who was and is just trying to get the story done first and foremost, and saying "you can go read it on FA" was the best stopgap measure between needing to halt the comic to struggle with coding, and needing to spend half an hour writing a lengthy explanation like this one.

i hope this helps clear up any more confusion! it's actually been on my to-do list for a while, but it has a time and a place in my schedule.
canmom 30th Apr 2017, 1:04 PM
For people who really can't live without a dark theme, I made a very simple user style for the Stylish browser extension, that makes the main content areas dark blue with near-white text.

Of course using this is not viewing the site "as intended", and it will be broken if the site CSS ever changes. (If you'd like me to take it down, Nobody, I will immediately - I'm hoping this will save you some trouble.)