strong content warning for themes of suicide and drug use.


28th Feb 2017, 12:00 PM
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Nobody 28th Feb 2017, 12:00 PM
up in the err


r 28th Feb 2017, 3:12 PM
oh i love this exchange... lola's explanation and sugar's response, they're just so, like... very #real. i feel it
skarmory 28th Feb 2017, 3:23 PM
lolas face covering sugars blue eye in the second row and then her turning away and showing that eye the panel after is such great contrast with what sugars saying and hurts so much to see (but in a good way) ive been thinking about the sugars eye meaning thing for a while but i think i have an idea, her blue eye represents when shes thinking or talking more automatically and impulsively (her breakdown over not getting better when frankie was texting, and even when she was talking about eating meat unlike lola she kind of ran out of an idea on what to say and did that hand gesture) and her brown eye is when shes thinking more about what shes being told or how shes feeling and then says her response (like we see it slowly come out as she starts asking lola questions in the last page up until this one where its the only one we see in the second row)

i guess it also serves as a contrast to lola, if you were talking to sugar itd be easy to tell when shes having an impulsive charged emotional response because her eyes are such a striking feature but with lola youd have to focus on her upper eyes and ignore the neutral ones that are right in front of you. you know what they say about opposites?
Guest 28th Feb 2017, 3:28 PM
"do what'll make you happy."
"does it make you happy?"
...ohh noo....
"it makes me feel empty."
Ohhhhh nnnnnoooo....
Guest 28th Feb 2017, 4:40 PM
sometimes nothing can feel better than something positive just by the virtue of keeping an emotional stasis, it feels safer i think. its not healthy or good but its very real, im loving this exchange a lot.
anonymous 28th Feb 2017, 5:58 PM
this exchange has me on the edge of my seat. this is a place i visit often with the person with whom i have my most important relationship, but our resolution to this is frequently no resolution.

sugar's pain of not having an easy solution where both people are happy, where focus and time do not create resolution, is very relatable.

there is an urge to fix that is so deeply agitating, especially when others do not have that urge.
kitsune-rokko 28th Feb 2017, 6:27 PM
This is a very powerful page, imo. There's a lot of poignant dialogue and the support of the visuals like, panels 3-5 have the framing to obscure Sugar's blue eye and of course the subtle expression change on Lola from panel 3 to 4 is incredible.

Lola's pretyt spot-on about it feels to hold in thoughts and feelings especially with the metaphor of how time has the effect on it, so it becomes a case of whether to keep going because you already missed the optimal time to breathe out and want to try instead absorbing the feeling but like you never really know when the dam will break, at least not without putting up more and more escalating barriers to keep up with the inner windstorm building.
Guest 28th Feb 2017, 10:49 PM
i do have to admit that lola's way of skirting around the issue(s) really bothers me fsdghsdfg. it reminds me of how in some cartoons romance never gets solidified, it's just constant dodging/avoiding the problem, and the lack of truth in a while starts to be bothersome.

i understand sugar's feeling here... to reach some solid ground.
mata 1st Mar 2017, 9:00 PM
i feel the same way. i have been in sugar's exact position with an ex friend of mine, being unable to get a solid, truthful answer unless they're worked up and about to snap.

it's like hanging on the edge of a cliff, and at that point you've been hanging for so long that you'd be willing to fall just to know for sure what the outcome will be.
Guest 3rd Mar 2017, 10:49 AM
From my perspective and own experiences with having great difficulty opening up to others, speaking, and putting emotions into words, I don't think lola is intentionally trying to skirt around the issue. "I don't know" is a hard thing to answer with but sometimes it really does mean "I don't know" I don't know how to word this right away, I don't know how to convey this in a way that I understand or that you'll understand and am scared of expressing myself and putting my experiences into words. I don't know how to communicate and express my emotions and wants and I don't even know what I want.

I see lola's response with using the metaphor first as her way of communicating what she means in a way that she thinks will make sense emotionally, so a metaphor might feel safer. Then when sugar responds it makes lola try and respond again in a different way to make sugar understand what she's trying to say more clearly, which is more difficult for lola to do but she pushes and does it. Wording a personal response, "spilling your guts" can take a while. "it hurts" "and I don't know if it's the good kind of hurt yet"

I don't know, as someone who struggles to speak about themselves and answer personal questions I really connect with this scene and that's just my take on it. It's helped me analyze how I communicate in close relationships, how I struggle to open up due to my identity and past. I love this comic so much and love the different interpretations in the comments!
mata 1st Mar 2017, 8:36 PM
I love lola's explanation here. it took me a few reads to fully understand but when I did I felt like I could relate to everything she was saying. they have put my exact complex feelings into words and that means so much to me.
mata 1st Mar 2017, 8:40 PM
It's also so reassuring to watch her upper pair of eyes and see her thinking hard about everything she says. she seems like though she struggles to open up she tries to be as honest as possible whole also not revealing too much about herself.
comfit 18th Jun 2017, 4:13 AM
i love when there's miscommunication or lack of understanding between the two of them. it makes it feel very real. i especially love that it seems to happen most when one or the other is revealing something really personal or meaningful to the other. makes it interesting - something that maybe the reader can glean while the characters may be unable to, since we're able to stop and look at it for a while.
Guest 2nd Jul 2017, 6:24 PM
i wonder if the tendency for lola to have trouble saying yes more than she has trouble saying no applies here
junie 29th Jul 2020, 8:06 PM
this whole comic is very impactful for me, because i can see a lot of myself in lola and a lot of someone i used to know, that i used to be very close with, in sugar. the suicide topic in general especially with disordered eating and gender talk and feeling like youre doomed to hurt people it... hits very close to home for me in a way i cant describe. i lost that person that i used to know to suicide summer 2019, so reading this just a year later is making me reflect a lot and it's comforting in a way to know that someone out there understands the "ugly" part of everything. i dont know. youre not here to hear my life story, haha. this page in particular hits... really deeply for me. the exchange "what /do/ you want me to do?" " what'll make you happy." "does it make you happy?" "i dont know, it makes me feel empty." feels, almost to me, like looking back at a reflection of our past selves. im not sure. thank you for creating this comic, it's fulfilling in a way to see that people other than me and them could understand, and that people other than me can get out alive. thank you