strong content warning for themes of suicide and drug use.


12th Jan 2017, 12:16 PM
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Author Notes:

Nobody 12th Jan 2017, 12:16 PM
this panel layout was a little experimental. it is supposed to be read all the way left, to all the way right, and then next row, but it is written so it can also be read all the way down either column.


josie 12th Jan 2017, 12:44 PM
noble 12th Jan 2017, 12:56 PM
Sugar Is A Knife
Nobody 12th Jan 2017, 1:28 PM
bee 12th Jan 2017, 1:29 PM
sugar: issa knife
r 12th Jan 2017, 1:54 PM
ooh, i like the two column layout here.
interesting how while lola is going for the first aid, presumably(/hopefully) for their wound, sugar is playing with a knife, which... is used to cause the same sorta wound? idk if it means anything but that stood out to me.
Guest 12th Jan 2017, 2:37 PM
FIRST OF ALL sugars expressions on this page give me Life, second of all is lola okay, apart from the wound of course but...i hope they're okay.. idk man i just love this comic a lot
- 12th Jan 2017, 2:47 PM
Sugar's Knife Face
ell 12th Jan 2017, 4:14 PM
oh man, it's one of those goofy rainbow anodized finish ones too
Clarence 17th Jan 2017, 11:45 AM
Don't talk to me or my rainbow objects ever again
kirin 12th Jan 2017, 4:51 PM
i love the last 2 panels. or last three i guess. how sugar offers help with a knife in her hand, the panel uncut, the the next one is split down the middle. i love your subtle use of framing to give more meaning to a scene
ari 18th Jan 2017, 8:00 PM
yeah!!! it's so good from a formal standpoint that's the shit there that's the magic of comics
sato 12th Jan 2017, 7:45 PM
I just binge read, and I love this. Really. I'm getting the heavy impression that Lola doesn't want to die as much as Sugar says she does.
Megaskizzen 12th Jan 2017, 8:18 PM
my dude you're just good. you're just fucki n good at writing and art. holy shit i haven't cared this much bout characters in a long time
chicken wings 12th Jan 2017, 8:47 PM
i often have trouble reading unconventional panel layouts b/c of my adhd, so thank you for going to the trouble of making on that's legible more than one way!
Kludge 12th Jan 2017, 10:22 PM
I must finally admit now that I've been a little bummed that Sugar isn't Filipina-coded. Tarsiers are native to the Philippines, and so are balisongs (other people usually just call them butterfly knives, but I Zoom the Hell In when someone calls them by their actual name).

Excellent page as always though! I've been feeling some uneasy sort of tension between them starting with last week's page..
yung hanz 13th Jan 2017, 11:06 AM
woah, Sugar's a tarsier? I thought always thought she was a possum :O
Karhs 13th Jan 2017, 12:38 PM
iirc she's a bit of both
Nobody 14th Jan 2017, 11:14 AM
sugar is a tarsier/sugar glider hybrid (technically, sugar gliders are possums).
Nobody 13th Jan 2017, 2:08 PM
sorry to disappoint you. i try not to decide characters' races based on their species because that leads down a very bad road with its implications. but i have been planning to have a filipino character in a future comic.
Kludge 14th Jan 2017, 3:23 PM
Oh, okay I can understand that. I'll be lookin' forward to that whenever!
Guest 13th Jan 2017, 5:37 AM
they're gonna get into a knife fight
It is I 13th Jan 2017, 11:26 PM
Martyn 17th Jan 2017, 1:17 PM
Jeeze i hope Lola is okay ;; they're seeming pretty uncomfortable right now.
Guest 4th Apr 2017, 6:24 AM
lola's dialogue and body language when finding the AC box with medical supplies near feels like the realest "there could be the good-good drugs here but also act natural" reaction i have ever seen drawn i feel like its such a specific relatable thing that i hope that was the intent lol
libby 5th May 2019, 10:35 PM
lola: what do you have?
sugar: a KNIFE
lola: NO!!!